Gratitudes the Attitude

We hear about gratitude daily, through posts, IG, FB, it is everywhere. My question to you is, “Are you the expression and embodiment of gratitude”? “Are you showing up in every moment with gratitude”? I am here to remind you to be just that, to feel it in your energy and offer it in your words and actions. The way you walk, talk, share and move through your world.

Cultivating your awareness for gratitude in each moment and sharing in ways which are deep and authentic. When you feel gratitude, notice how it feels in your body, where you feel it, what thought did you have right before the sensation, savor and linger in the moment of gratitude, smile, that is true embodiment. Some ways to remind yourself to be grateful, are very simple, every morning when you wake up, open your eyes and take 5 deep breathes, with each breathe on your exhale, say to yourself “I am grateful for this amazing day.” or, “I am grateful for my family” use your personal choices that comes to you in the moment. Keep a gratitude journal, thank everyone for the smallest of things. If not feeling very grateful, go back and read your previous entries! Ask yourself if you were grateful, what would you be grateful for?

Think about this. How would your day be different if you woke up, showed up, every moment with only gratitude? How might others see you, be effected by you? What opportunities and insights would show up if you were in authentic gratitude every moment? How would you look, speak and engage? Sound simplistic? I agree, simplistic in practice, powerful in its presence.

I share an excerpt from one of my new and favorite reads “Embers” by Richard Wagamese.

Woman: What if we’re wrong?

Old Woman: Wrong about what?

Woman: All this ceremony, prayer, meditation. What if, at the end of it, all there is is nothing?

Old Woman: Then we still come out better people.

Woman: How?

Old Woman: Can you think of a better way to live than in gratitude? Can you think of a better way to be than to be kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, courageous, truthful and forgiving? Even if we’re wrong, can you think of a better way to breathe than through all of that?

I couldn’t. I can’t. I continue…….

Are you ready to be the embodiment of gratitude?

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