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Got Contrast? I hope so!

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom by Esther Hicks- “Contrast sharpens your ability to focus. Contrast helps you choose what you want. Contrast is your friend, not your enemy.” I couldn’t agree more.

Im often “accused” of being pollyana, too positive, nice, trusting, I think everyone is good, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  I don’t believe there is bad and good, only different, yin yang, dualism, beautiful contrast, it all works together in a beautiful synchronistic dance, what some may label as “bad” shows me a beautiful clarification of what I do want, which is a gift! I can then focus on those things that clearly resonate and feel intuitively right!

Thank you Esther Hicks for the beautiful message! I hear you, I see you, I get it!
Today’s inquiry-
How has contrast worked for you? What does contrast mean to you? How might you use it to empower you?

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