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Are you ready to friend the little child in you~

Do you ever wonder why you behave, out of the blue in a fearful or childlike way? React strangely and not as you would like to? Why you’re blocked around something you really want? Or, continue living a life that repeats experiences you want to change?

Years ago I found it helpful to get to know my inner child as well as the adult or wiser me.  Are you ready to get to know your little child that is still affecting your life today? Time to get to know her/him and become friends!

Since who you are today is the combination of both and everything you’ve ever been, blended together into one energetic human, it could be helpful to know all aspects of you.  This work gives you insight to all of the qualities and aspects, stories, fears, strengths by exploring them, being in curiosity with them, dialogue with them.   Interesting to me is once you know them both, that is when you can become complete, integrated, healthy and connected to all parts, you have an understanding of why you react, respond, feel what you feel, You get it!  This empowers you, gives you awareness of what’s needed and how to support and most importantly the ability to understand and have compassion.

We don’t have full conscious memory of everything that ever happened; although, all of it is stored in our subconscious mind, and that’s where that little child is.  Through awareness, and curiosity, you can be aware of what’s coming up, what’s needed, asking questions. Questions like, Hmm, now that’s interesting? Where is this behavior and thought coming from? Is this an old experience, an old belief? Why am I feeling this way?  What am I feeling?  What do I need? How can I support myself now?  Cool right?  This is how you will connect to both the wise/adult you, and the little child.

Understanding triggers, old beliefs that are running in the background and then creating a conversation that asks questions, listens, sets boundaries, and cultivates more intentional responses and behaviors from a place of understanding vs fear and ultimately supports YOU!

So…. with all of this said, connecting the two, understanding each needs and strengths, allows an ability to understand each other, recognize when either are showing up and have the awareness and ability to work together.  Making sense so far?

You always know when the child is showing up because you will feel fear, abandonment, angry, sad, anxious, confused sometimes these even show up as a tantrum or drama.  The adult/wise you can then step in, ask questions, listen, feel, validate, and offer compassion, strength and wisdom.  Reminding them as the truth of who you are.

There are wonderful practices to friend your inner child, work together, dance together, find a beautiful flow and balance that empowers the YOU today, with a blend of qualities you each have to share!

Are you ready for this? I’m here for you and ready to help you be reintroduced to your child!

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