Self Love

Yes please, to saying no!

As the Dalai Lama says, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

There is always a way to be kind, say no and honor your boundaries, with skillful communication and kindness.

We feel the urge to honor others feelings and requests over ourselves.

Do you fall into this trap? When was the last time you said yes, when you wanted to say no? When was the last time you said no?

Saying no is an expression of self love, self respect, personal choice. When we choose to say no, we live in connection with ourselves, honoring ourselves, we experience emotional choice and freedom, we teach others to also honor who we are, our time.

Are you ready to take this step? Below are a few tips for saying no with kindness and respect:

Thank you for thinking of me, at this time I am choosing not to donate, have coffee, attend your event, babysit, watch your dog, if there is another way I can support you please let me know and I will be happy to look into it. Thank you again for thinking of me!

A final tip is to remember you do not have to explain, rationalize or convince anyone that your choice is right or in need of thier acceptance. It is your choice!

Powerful statement to self, “I am secure in my choices and decisions in my life.” I honor myself and others in my commitments and service.” “I am free to decide in a way that best supports my values, honors my personal boundaries and vision.”

“Let today mark new beginnings for you.”


  • Julie Marie Mattix

    This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m learning that saying no is very important and actually practicing this as my mantra. Thank you for sharing, inspiring and encouraging me💕🙌🏼

  • Robin

    Love you Deborah. Beautiful inspirations. You post at just the right times about thoughts that a lot of us have but sometimes can’t express. Other times we do express in a wrong way and sometimes in the right way but we get different reactions. I have so many thoughts and dreams during this rainy season. Enjoyed the spring rains and sounds and new life. Thank you for expressing your thoughts and great words.

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