Self Love

Love Fiercely

“We should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.”
-Steve Maraboli

How do you love yourself so fiercely on a daily basis that you can do anything? What do you fiercely love about yourself? How do you show it? What does it look like and feel like to love yourself fiercely?

It is time to love yourself so completely, so deeply, that nothing else can stop you nor diminish the self worth you feel. Can you imagine if everyday you woke up feeling inspired, happy and powerful. What an amazing combination that would be.
This week imagine what it would look like, feel like to love yourself so completely, every part of yourself, those annoying shadow parts, the incredibly bright and shiny parts and everything in between.
Here are a 5 tips to loving yourself so completely, so deeply, you will never look for anything outside of yourself for happiness!

1. Every am look your amazing self in the mirror and repeat “I AM amazing” I create anything I put my mind to” I choose from this day forward to love myself, forgive myself and embrace every part of me ” I am fearless” “My self worth and self confidence grows daily with every attempt I make towards loving me!” YES! YES! YES!

2. Each night before bed, make a list of 10 things you did well that day! Even those things that might seem small. I smiled at a stranger, I chose today to love myself, I meditated, I reminded myself of how amazing I am, I supported myself through a challenge today, I took a moment today to breathe and recenter. YES! YES! YES!

3. I set a boundary for myself and supported it today! YES! YES! YES!

4. I had the courage to express something unique about me today in my conversations and action.” YES! YES! YES!

5. I allowed myself to feel fear and and channeled that into excitement and powerful action! YES! YES! YES!

Commit to these practices everyday, notice the shifts, journal about them, notice how you feel more powerful, loved and accepting of YOU!

Know that things are going to happen, your going to be challenged, have an off day, feel low, but… YOU can choose to change it, support yourself, embrace power in a powerless situation!

It is time to go to a whole different level, are you ready?

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